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General Assembly

The General Assembly serves as a common forum for all partner institutions, and acts as a representative body and as the final entity responsible for decision-making. Decisions are taken through voting.

The General Assembly elects its Leadership from within the partner network:

  • Chairman: Bruno Bauer, Director of the Library, Medical University of Vienna
  • Chairman substitute: Eva Ramminger, Director of the Library, Vienna University of Technology



For a codified involvement in the computing centres, in March 2015, three representatives were chosen to join the general assembly and steering committees:


  • Florin Guma (Head of IT at the University of Salzburg)
  • Christian Marzluf (Head of IT at the University of Graz)
  • Maximilian Sbardellati (Head of IT at the University of Music and Performing Arts/MDW in Vienna)


General Assemblies 2014

  • 1st general assembly kick-off, 30.1.2014, Library of the University of Vienna
  • 2nd general assembly, 26.3.2014, Library of the University of Vienna. Themes: Governance, the meaning of research data in the project, new line-up of work-package-clusters
  • 3rd general assembly, 26.6.2014, Library of the University of Vienna. Themes: OpenAIRE, tasks of the work-package-clusters, consensual agreement (regulating the cooperation between project partners)
  • 4th general assembly, 26.9.2014, Library of the University of Salzburg. Themes: Filling the committees of the project, voting on the handling of the nationally used project WIKI (user licences)


General Assemblies 2015

  • 5th general assembly, 22-23.4.2015, Library of the University of Graz. Themes: Open forum on the topic of a follow-up project, keynote by Kathleen Shearer (Executive Director COAR – Confederation of Open Access Repositories), cooperation with IT services, report on the Austria-wide research data survey, election of the new chair of the general assembly
  • 6th general assembly, 28-29.10.2015, University of Innsbruck. Themes: DMP, Amendment of Austria copyright laws, DOI, cooperation with IT and libraries (LOI); keynote by Prof. Dietmar Kuhn (University of Innsbruck, former Austrian delegate to the e-Infrastructure Reflection Group of the European Commission)


General Assemblies 2016

  • 7th general assembly, 14.4.2016, University of Vienna. Themes: LOI, experts group RDM policy, training seminar.Keynote by Alma Swan (Director of the Directory of Open Access Journals, PASTEUR4OA)
  • 8th general assembly, 18.11.2016/University of Vienna. Themes: end of the project, outlook. Keynotes by Peter Seitz (BMWFW) and Paul Ayris (Director of UCL Library Services, Project Leader of LEARN)
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