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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee drives the direction of the project using as a basis the resolutions of the General Assembly. The Steering Committee provides input, reviews, and recommendations to the different Work-Packages, which are in turn submitted to the Synergies Team.

The Steering Committee is composed of seven Members: three are Members of the Synergies Teams, The Project Director as Cooperation Member without right to vote, The Chairman and Substitute Chairman of the General Assembly, and the Coordinator of the Think Tank. (consultant Member without right to vote).


  • Bruno Bauer (Chairman of the General Assembly)
  • Gerhard Budin (Coordinator of Think Tank)
  • Martin Gasteiner (Member of the Synergies Team)
  • Adelheid Mayer, Koordinatorin (Member of the Synergies Team)
  • Eva Ramminger (Substitute Chairman of the General Assembly)
  • Andreas Rauber (Member of the Synergies Team)
  • One Member from Project Management: Maria Seissl or Paolo Budroni

The Steering Committee was constituted on 04.12.2014.  


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