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The Project

e-Infrastructures Austriaa three-year partnership project, started in January 2014 sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economics (BMWFW).

The objective of this project is the coordinated establishment and development of Repository Infrastructures for digital resources in research and science throughout Austria. 

Through networking and pooling of expertise and resources, e-Infrastructures Austria will establish a Network of Knowledge and Expertise that will provide the required support and assistance in the areas of Repository implementation and further enhancements to related technical systems and services.

e-Infrastructures Austria promotes the exchange of experiences on technical, organisational, legal, and content related issues between the Libraries, IT services, scientists and researchers (at both local and national level) who take part in the different working groups, events, and workshops of the project. Particular emphasis is placed on the handling of complex data such as research data and multimedia content.


Start: January 1, 2014
End: December 31, 2016
Project coordination: University of Vienna
Project partners: 25
 Partner Institutions
Client: Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economics BMWFW

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