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Project Management

Project management ensures the professionalism and direction of the project. 

Key Competences

Costs and resources planning, setup and management of the coordination office, coordination in building the structure and services for the project in technical and non-technical areas, coordination of activities and methodologies for the implementation of the project, definition of requirements, definition of project phases, preparation of plans and schedules, establishing future phases of the project, initiation of processes, monitoring of processes in e-Infrastructures Austria, monitoring of appointments, official termination of processes, acceptance of deliverables and results, definition of the evaluation process, management of the evaluation process, cooperation in the creation of definitions for the individual Work-Packages, hands-on participation in different Work-Packages, assistance in legal issues, defining rules for partner management, assistance to project partners with organisational issuess, reporting (deliverables and other official documents), coordination and design of the ticketing system, Wiki, project management services and documentation center of the project, web presentation design, external communication, liaising with external partners, coordination of internal communications (within the partner network), participation in meetings with Client, providing financial information to Client.

Key tasks of the Coordinations Office

Providing support to Project Management concerning coordination of the project, coordination of back-office functions, establishing and maintaining a contact network with opinion leaders within the 25 partner institutions participating in the project, supporting and advising specialists about the individual Work Packages, monitoring and analysis of developments in each Work Package of the project, actively participating in meetings and events, organisation of partner events, supporting marketing activities in cooperation with Project Management and partners.


  • Paolo Budroni, Project Director, Library, University of Vienna
  • Barbara Sánchez Solís, Organisation Management, Library, University of Vienna
  • Raman Ganguly, Technical Director, Computer Center, University of Vienna
  • José Luis Preza Díaz, Technical Support, Computer Center, University of Vienna

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