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  • Securing digital objects (depending on discipline-specific requirements), taking into account quality and warranty
  • Providing permanent availability of all digital objects
  • Facilitating the presentation and utilisation of the research output using portal technologies
  • Increasing the visibility of research performance of all participant institutions
  • Increasing the reputation and image of all project partners
  • Developing Repository Infrastructures for specific purposes (cultural heritage materials, image databases, content mining, etc.)
  • Providing support for Persistent Identifiers (publications, research data, researchers etc.)
  • Ensuring a legal framework for security in the digital age (copyright, right of use, access rights, Internet publishing, re-use of digital content in the university sector for other purposes -such as teaching or Open Access)
  • Interoperability with existing systems in each institution and interoperability with existing systems locally (e.g. Federal Promotion Funds FWF and Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG) and internationally (e.g. Europeana, OpenAIREplus, publishers) 
  • Facilitating participation in international projects that require an operational repository
  • Enabling appropriate infrastructures for Open Access in Austrian institutions
  • Monitoring and statistics (downloads, Open Access uptake, usage, impact indicators etc.)
  • Preparation for Horizon 2020
  • Contributing to regional development in accordance with EU regional policy


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