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The project tasks are undertaken with the help of 12 different Work-Packages or Clusters.

Below are the details from the work and objectives of each Work-Package. More detailed information about individual project phases, work groups, protocols, documentation, and the Events Calendar are accessible to all partners via the internal Wiki.

At the beginning of 2016, an Expert Group of 22 members was formed. It comprised stakeholder groups including e-Infrastructures Austria, government ministries, Universities Austria (UNIKO), Vice-Rectors of Research, national research-funding organizations, scientists, scientific libraries, IT-services and research services, and was organised by the Library and Archive Services of the University of Vienna. The Expert Group also tasked a nine-member working sub-group to develop a model for RDM policies in Austrian research institutions. The resulting model policy provides exemplary templates in both German and English, which can be adapted to suit the philosophy and needs of any research institution. This model for RDM policy is the result of six months of collaborative work, and was completed during a meeting of the Expert Group on 2 June 2016.



Cluster A
Monitoring of Document Repositories within the Partner Network
Cluster BPlanning and Implementation of a "National  Survey" for Research Data
Cluster C
Designing a Knowledge Network: Development of a reference structure for the construction of Repositories
Cluster DInfrastructure
Cluster ELegal and Ethical Issues
Cluster FOpen Access
Cluster GVisual Data modeling
Cluster HLife Cycle Management
Cluster IMetadata
Cluster JPermanent backup of the data
Cluster K
Data from scientific and artistic-scientific research processes
Cluster LCross-project issues (technical and non-technical)
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