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Guiding Principles

Guiding principles for building the Knowledge and Competence Network in e-Infrastructures Austria:

  • Openness: e-Infrastructures Austria stands for an open communication between all partners in the partner network.
  • Culture of Dialogue: Encouraging a "culture of dialogue" to promote personal networking and exchange of ideas
  • Access: The partners are committed to a free access to the results of the joint operation in the project.
  • Ownership of rights: The project partners ensure the sustainability of the results by a regulated ownership of rights within and outside the network.
  • Recognizable roles: e-Infrastructures Austria has a regulated relationship between all project partners by means of defined organizational units and processes. Roles and responsibilities are clearly visible from inside and outside.
  • Structured approach: The operation of the work packages is defined by controlled sessions, responsibilities, well defined voting, and communication.
  • Clear information infrastructure: The project partners have a common, nation-wide information infrastructure established in the form of a Wiki and ticketing system.


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