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Subproject A – Construction of Document Servers

The focus is on "Document Repositories", that is, Institutional Repositories whose content comprises predominantly text-based documents and images. Within the context of this subproject, it will be identified where the partners are technically and what options they have for setting up a Repository. 

In the long-term strategic planning of (networked) Repositories, there are topics that are relevant to all project partners. These include interoperability, ongoing expansion of systems based on new requirements, organization and management, policies, and legal protection for all stakeholders.

The project provides assistance to all the participating Partners with the implementation of Repositories and related services and processes. Within the three-year project period, all partner institutions can build a suitable document server, either locally or using existing infrastructures. In addition, the requirement for and implementation of a Repository for non-institutional, text-based documents ("Orphan Record Repository") will be determined.

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