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Subproject B - Design and Construction of Repository Infrastructures for Research Data and other complex data objects

This area will address issues concerning the handling of complex data such as research data, multimedia content, e-learning content, and the use of Repositories. The project approaches these topics through several working groups. 

A survey undertaken within the scientific community in Austrian universities and external university research institutions will serve to identify the status quo on how research data is currently handled. The survey results would also serve as requirements for future research data services. Various Work Packages also work on the same subjects from different perspectives, including Metadata, standardised  discipline-specific metadata management, data citation, multimedia and streaming services, and visual data modeling. In addition, aspects of the data lifecycle management with a focus on services and interfaces will be discussed.The types of repositories needed will be analysed in detail based on the requirements, and whether they fulfil the needs of the different institutions.

As a result, concepts for future infrastructure (centralized or decentralized solutions) will be established and questions about responsibilities and the financing of specific solutions will be addressed.

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