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The challenge

The production of digital data is expanding at an astonishing rate: experts point to a 4300% increase in annual data generation by 2020. Nevertheless, research institutions and universities often have no standard policy for their researchers for storing, managing and reusing their research data.

League of European Research Universities (LERU)

The League of European Research Universities (LERU) is a cooperation of 21 research oriented European universities, conformed in 2002. The objective of the network is to influence European higher education and research policies providing sustainable concepts, analysis and recommendations to help universities with their efforts on offering an optimum framework for excellence in research and education. Membership is possible only through an official invitation from LERU. The number of members should stay limited.

The Project

The European project LEARN (LEaders Activating Research Networks) addresses the challenges from the existing and disparate e-infrastructures, and the global needs of research data. It will raise awareness of research data management and policy issues to institutions by maximizing the visibility of the existing LERU Roadmap for Research Data, written by the League of European Research Universities in December of 2013. To promote policy development and use, LEARN will develop a model of research data management (RDM) policy and collect a toolkit with best RDM practices to aid with the implementation at the institutional level. To facilitate the dissemination, LEARN will develop an Executive Briefing in five European languages.

LERU Roadmap for Research Data

The LERU Roadmap for research data (available at: http://goo.gl/lNWlcI) is a guideline for universities and research institutions to assist with the challenges posed by research data. Within the duration of the project, a summary of the LERU Roadmap and a Toolkit will be created.

LEARN Project Partners

  • University College London - UCL
  • Universitat de Barcelona - UB
  • Stichting Liber - LIBER 
  • Universitat Wien - UNIVIE 
  • United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean - UN-ECLAC

The Vienna University Library's Role

The Vienna University Library directs the Work-Package-Cluster "Policy Development and Alignment". The LEARN-Team works out a Model-Policy for Research Data Management, that can be adapted by universities and research institutions. Insights, that are acquired in this context, are being considered in the e-Infrastructures Austria's cluster C as well. The LEARN-Team also focused on including stakeholder groups from the DACH-Region.

LEARN Workshops

The project consortium plans to held a series of workshops that will serve to advocate the Recommendations on RDM and open data made by the LERU Roadmap, and gain feedback from the community that will ultimately help to develop a new Toolkit of best practice.

These workshops will take place in different locations of Europe and in Chile, along 2016 and 2017, subsequently organised by the five project partners:

  • London | United Kingdom: 29 January 2016 
  • Vienna | Austria: 6 April 2016
  • Helsinki | Finland: 28 June 2016
  • Santiago de Chile | Chile: in October 2016
  • Barcelona | Spain: in January 2017

The workshop to be held in Vienna the 6th April, is the second of a this series, and will focus on the Importance of Policies in Research Data Management. The Workshop is designed to encourage all stakeholders – researchers, research funders, research organisations and senior decision makers – to explore what their roles and responsibilities are in this fast-changing environment. 

The preliminary program and any logistic details are available at the project webpage: https://learnrdm.wordpress.com/. Registration to attend the event can be done through this online form: https://learnrdm.wordpress.com/register/.

Additional details

  • Project acronym: LEARN 
  • Project title: Leaders Activating Research Networks: Implementing the LERU Research Data Roadmap and Toolkit
  • Starting date: 1st June 2015
  • Duration: 24 Months (until 31st May 2017)
  • Project Coordination: University College London (UCL), UK
  • Projectlead: University of Vienna / Paolo Budroni
  • Link: LERU Roadmap for Research Data: http://www.leru.org/files/publications/AP14_LERU_Roadmap_for_Research_data_final.pdf

Further information and updates

You can keep updated on the project news and upcoming workshops through the website, by following us on Twitter @learnRDM, or by joining our LinkedIn group (http://www.linkedin.com/grp/home?gid=8353591).


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