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Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe 

OpenAIRE is the central point for Open Access infrastructures and services for Research for current and future projects funded by the European programs FP7 and Horizon 2020. Over 50 organizations from all over Europe work together to spread Open Science and to make publications and their respective research data easier to find and re-use.

This network primarily includes Publication Repositories, Data Repositories, Publishing Companies, and CRIS Systems, all of which assist on compiling, making visible and accessible all research activities and research results carried out throughout Europe.

In December 2009 OpenAIRE started as one of the largest funded project of the European Union. Based on the importance of the subject, two additional subsequent projects have been established.

NOAD (National Open Access Desk) Austria In Austria, The University of Vienna is the OpenAIRE partner. The Library of the University manages the national OpenAIRE desk “NOAD Austria”. 

NOAD (National Open Access Desk) Austria

The University of Vienna is the OpenAIRE partner for Austria. The Library of the University is in charge of managing the national OpenAIRE desk “NOAD Austria”. 


Gerda McNeillAnna-Laetitia Hikl
E-Mail: openaireaustria@univie.ac.at

NOAD Services: 

  • Contact point for Helpdesk inquires about the OpenAIRE Portal and for:
    1. Publication of Participants of EU Projects (including FP7 and H2020) in relation to Open Access information accessibility
    2. Repository Managers, in relation to interfaces to the OpenAIRE Portal
    3. OA Publications in relation to Interfaces to the OpenAIRE Portal
    4. Stakeholders like National Funding Agencies, Policy Makers, ein relation to OA questions, in particular in context of OpenAIRE and the EU.
  • Local and international Networking
  • Participation and Collaboration in relevant national projects (i.e. e-infrastructures Austria) and Networks (i.e. OANA)
  • Active participation in the establishment and implementation of FP7 post-grant Open Access Pilots https://www.openaire.eu/postgrant/fp7-post-grant/pilot 
  • Dissemination:
    1. Delivery and participation in Open Access related Workshop
    2. Authoring of Newsletter and Blogs entries on https://www.openaire.eu/: https://www.openaire.eu/newsletter/view and https://blogs.openaire.eu/
    3. Contact with different stakeholders, including Coordinators of Austrian based EU Projects, Publishers of Open Access Journals, and Support Services for research 

Goals of OpenAIRE:

  • Become a Legal Entity to ensure the sustainability of the project
  • Support the European Open Access research pilots
  • Increase the compatibility from all relevant research sources within the research cycle, and in particular the connections between Data, Publications and Funding Agencies.
  • Support all H2020 Open Access Mandates – with the goal of having 100% OA Publications
  • Implement the Gold OA Pilots in FP7  – the EU makes available €4 Mio. for OA Publications for finished FP7 Projects
  • Test new methods in the area of Scholarly Communication 
  • Expand and consolidate International collaborations, in particular in the area of Networked Repositories
  • Support efforts of individual Partner Countries for national Open Access initiatives and OA Policies 


OpenAIRE site: www.openaire.eu

Infos about NOAD Services: OpenAIRE und die Services des National Open Access Desks (NOAD)

OpenAIRE Austria: https://www.openaire.eu/oa-austria

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