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Cluster A - Monitoring and Assessment of Document Repositories within the Partner Network 

Cluster A is responsible for:

A) Establishing a concept for monitoring the infrastructure development for Document Repositories within the Partner Network.

B) Promoting exchange of information between the project partners, and providing challenges and experiences concerning the implementation of Repositories. External institutions are welcomed to participate. 

The Monitoring Plan establishes important issues that need to be identified over the duration of the project, including the system to be selected, the status of the system (design, test, production, etc). The work in the cluster also includes reflections on the technical infrastructure for monitoring. 

To promote the exchange of information, specific topics will be identified and explored in more detail during workshops (possibly with the assistance of external experts). Furthermore, support components will be developed to assist in the construction of local infrastructure as well as to describe the activities of a Repository Manager. A market overview of Repository systems and the different hosting options will also be developed. The question of "make or buy" (hosting or do-it-yourself) together with the advantages and disadvantages will be discussed. 



Team Leader: Patrick Danowski, Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria)

Manager, Library Services            

E-Mail: patrick.danowski@ist.ac.at 



Susanne Blumesberger UB Wien 
Daniel Formanek UB MedUni Wien
Veronika GründhammerULB Tirol
Ingrid HaasUB TU Wieningrid.haas@tuwien.ac.at
Gertraud NovotnyUB WU Wien
Cornelia ParilUB TU Wiencornelia.paril@tuwien.ac.at
José Luis PrezaZID Uni Wienjose.luis.preza@univie.ac.at
Elisabeth TorgglerIHStorggler@ihs.ac.at
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