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Expert Group - Strategies for the management of Research Data in Austria


The results of the nation wide survey regarding the management of research data in Austria present significant challenges. Now it is the time to design a strategic concept to effectively implement measures to support the research process. The work of the expert group will focus on the  the strategic direction of research data management in Austria and related support services, and will formulate an appropriate strategy paper.

Period: From January to June, 2016
Constituted on January 14th, 2016, University of Vienna

Group Composition (22 Members representing different Stakeholder groups):

    Mag. Maria Seissl, Library Director, University of Vienna

1 Member of e-Infrastructures Austria's Think Tank:
     Univ. Prof. Dr. Gerhard Budin, University of Vienna

2 Members of e-Infrastructures Austria's Project Management:
     Mag. Barbara Sánchez Solís, Project Coordination of e-Infrastructures Austria
     Raman Ganguly, Technical Director of e-Infrastructures Austria, Central Information
     Services University of Vienna

2 Chairs of e-Infrastructures Austria's General Assembly:
     Mag. Bruno Bauer, Leitung Universitätsbibliothek, Medical University of Vienna
     Mag. Eva Ramminger, (design.) Leitung Universitätsbibliothek Universität Innsbruck

2 Members of University IT Services:
     DI. Florin Guma, CIO, University of Salzburg
     Dipl. Ing. Dr. Maximilian Sbardellati, CIO, Musik-Universität Wien

2 Members of the Research Community:
     Mag. Michela Vignoli, Junior Scientist Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT)
     Ao. Univ. Prof. Dr. Andreas Rauber, Vienna University of Technology

2 Members from Vice Rectorate for Research:
    Mag. Dr. Andrea Braidt, VR Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien
    Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Michaela Fritz, VR für Forschung und Innovation, Medical University of Vienna

2 Members of the Austrian Funding Agencies (for Research): 
    DI (FH) Manfred Halver, Europäische und Internationale Programme (FFG) 
    Dr. Falk Reckling, Strategieentwicklung, Forschungsstatistik und –dokumentation, 
    Scholarly Communication (FWF)

1 Member of the Österreichische Universitätenkonferenz (UNIKO): 
    Mag. Wolfgang Nedobity

3 Members of the Austrian Federal Ministry BMWFW: 
    MinRat Daniel Weselka, Leiter der Abt. Grundlagenforschung (MINT) und 
    MinRat Peter Seitz, Forschungsangelegenheiten der Sektion IV 
    Mag. iur. Sabine Ofner, Forschungsangelegenheiten Sektion IV

1 Member of university Research Services: 
    Mag. Sandra Vidoni, OA-Beauftragte – HRSM-Koordination, stellv. SPL für Wi&Re, 
    Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt

1 Member Legal Advice:
    Seyavash Amini, Legal Advisor e-Infrastructures Austria

Dr. Paolo Budroni
Project Director e-Infrastructures Austria
Library, University of Vienna
E-Mail: paolo.budroni@univie.ac.at
Telefon: 01 4277 15171

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