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Cluster J - Permanent Backup of the Data

The primary objectives of Cluster J are the development of long term structured strategies, and the development of a practical guide for libraries on how to handle the long-term archiving (LTA).

Other activities include topics such as permanent implementation of LTA in the organisational structures of libraries and their environment (implementation in core activities, ensuring the maintenance, etc.), the establishment of LTA as a natural endpoint in workflows, definitions and standards, selection criteria for software, testing concepts from their technical perspectives, preservation planning, and Persistent Identifiers. 

The focus of Cluster J is the practical implementation and applicability of LTA in large, medium and small institutions. (there are sufficient manuals for long-term archiving)


Team Leader: Adelheid Mayer, Library, University of Vienna

Adelheid Mayer works at the Library of the University of Vienna where she is responsible for the areas ubw:innovation, projects finance management, and scientific papers in electronic form. In addition, she is the contact person for the area of ​​long-term archiving. She studied history at the University of Vienna, managed for 13 years the area library systems at the University Library and was instrumental in building various library services (Phaedra, HoPla).

E-Mail: adelheid.mayer@univie.ac.at



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