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Cluster K - Data from Scientific and Artistic-Scientific Research Processes 

Based on the contributions and results of several other clusters as well as on the detailed examination of existing initiatives (such as DataCite), cluster K works in the drafting of the first concrete concepts for dealing with generated data in the context of scientific research and artistic creation processes (research data management ) and their implementation. Particular attention will be placed to the drafting of possible synergies with established author identifiers (such as ORCID) and Institutional Identifiers (such as Ringgold). It is also planned to draft a roadmap for the potential implementation of DataCite at national level as well as examining any alternative or complementary models. A working group newly established will develop a draft for a Data Librarian curriculum.

Team Leader: Bernhard Haslhofer, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

Dr. Bernhard Haslhofer, winner of the 2013 Open Humanities Award, works as a Data Scientist at AIT. His research interest lies in finding quantitative methods for gaining new insights from large-scale, connected datasets, and to develop novel tools to make datasets and analytics procedures accessible and usable in various multidisciplinary settings. 

E-Mail: bernhard.haslhofer@ait.ac.at


Supporting Team Leader: Michela Vignoli AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

Michela Vignoli is Junior Scientist at AIT, Austrian Institute of Technology, where she gained expertise in Open Science, Open Access, and Open (Research) Data (http://open-research.ait.ac.at), as well as basic experience in project management. Her focus of interest lays on knowledge management in the digital era and on how to foster the transition of the current science system to a more Open Science. Michela is actively promoting and advocating for Open Science practices in Austria and beyond and gave a number of presentations, workshops, and invited talks on the topic. She is an active member of the Open Science working group of the Austrian Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN) and of the Open Access Network Austria (OANA), and contributes to other Austrian open projects as well (e.g. openscienceASAP). As board member of the YEAR network (Young European Associated Researchers) Michela considerably contributed to consultation activities with the European Commission and to the organisation of YEAR events. She assisted the project management as well as the dissemination teams of various projects (e.g. SCAPE, BITCRIME, e-Infrastructures Austria, Europeana Sounds).

E-Mail: michela.vignoli@ait.ac.at



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