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Cluster B - Planning and Implementation of a "National Survey" for Research Data

Cluster B is responsible for identifying the status quo for handling research data in Austrian universities and external university research institutions. This work will identify existing initiatives, determine the requirements for future research data services in Austrian universities, libraries, and research service providers, and will also identify the needs of the scientists according to the different subject-specific work and publication processes.

In addition, Cluster B will determine the incentive models for optimal archive management and free Open Access for research data.

Deliverable: Results of the nation-wide research data surveyDownload the report here!

Description of activities:

This survey is based on similar surveys already made in universities and research institutions in other countries, and whose target audience is mainly academic staff. To achieve a wide spread response across all disciplines, the design of the questionnaire takes into account the specific requirements of every possible discipline.

The following topics are included in the survey:

  • Heterogeneity of the research data (sources and types)
  • Policies for using and managing research data
  • Preferred storage
  • Legal aspects
  • Types of access 
  • Readyness for free availability
  • Exchange of experiences
  • Optimal integration of research and teaching
  • Importance of peer review

Team Leader: Christian Gumpenberger, Library Services, University of Vienna 

Christian Gumpenberger is part of the Team Bibliometrie in the University of Vienna, and is also responsible for the coordination of the Forum of Austrian Libraries ubifo and the administration of esss (European Summer School for Scientometrics).

E-Mail: christian.gumpenberger@univie.ac.at



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